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  • Cary Donham


Updated: Jul 16, 2023

I am not surprised that the Ukraine-Russian War

continues, bogged down in Bakhmut and a muddy

Ukraine spring


ine-mud-counteroffensive-weapons.html). Fourteen

months of fighting have left, as of February 2023, an

estimated 189,500 to 223,000 Russian casualties,

including 35,500 to 43,000 killed in action, according

to a leaked Pentagon document Airman Jack Teixeira

allegedly posted on line. The illegally leaded

document also estimated that Ukraine had suffered

124,500 to 131,000 casualties, with 15,500 to 17,500

killed in action. And the fighting in Bakhmut have left

an estimated more than a 100,000 Russians dead and

wounded since December 2022, and probably 20,00




As one who opposes war, speaking coldly about

killed and wounded humans is uncomfortable. And I

am not so naïve as to think Putin will simply call it

quits with the war (which he does not even

acknowledge is a war) when he and his Wagner Group

comrades are using convicts and other expendable

cannon fodder from Eastern Asia on the front lines.

Moreover, Ukraine and its Western allies have no

incentive to walk away from the fight, especially since

Ukraine has more than held its own in the fighting

and is reported to have planned a counteroffensive

once the weather allows.

This war is a case where the moral and political

threads run in almost parallel lines. A point of

intersection is hard to see right now. This is primarily

due to an irrational Putin, who seems to place his own

ego and position well above other considerations.

Other than Russia’s seizure of Crimea, Putin and

Russia have failed in their military attempts to annex

parts of Eastern Ukraine and its ill-conceived war has

been a disaster. But Putin will not negotiate except on

his one-sided terms:

Even if Vladimir Putin’s conquest of Ukraine fails,

there has not been a single moment in which he was ready to

sit down at the negotiating table. Russia is ready to negotiate if the

negotiations are based on “a new world order,” says Russian

foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, but that is unachievable. Russia

seeks to destroy the current order, not build a new one. Over

the course of this war, Moscow has conveyed a single message:

there are no norms orlaws that Russia would be eager

to comply with. Fishman, April 23, 2023,


So sadly, the war will continue, and we here in the United States will (except for a few extreme right wing Republicans) continue to cheer Ukraine, supply weapons and ammunition, and pray for rational Russian leaders to send Putin packing.

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